Nigel Hayes carries sign asking for money at College GameDay – ESPN

Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes made a bold statement during ESPN’s College GameDay visit to Madison on Saturday, carrying a sign asking people to send money to an online account.

The Venmo account referenced in the sign is not listed in Hayes’ name, though it had received several payments as of Saturday afternoon.

Hayes has previously spoken out about the NCAA and Big Ten’s financial treatment of student-athletes. On Friday, he sent a series of tweets comparing the revenue taken in for college athletics to the value of his scholarship.

Hayes tweeted Wednesday that he would have a “great sign” at College GameDay.

Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett posted support for Hayes’ message on Instagram, saying it “takes courage to do something like this.”

“This conversation will continue to be had. It’s my hopes that one day ALL college kids decide to sit out of sport and school until someone negotiates new circumstances for them,” Clarett wrote. “When you disrupt the money you get people’s attention.”

Hayes, a senior, was named the preseason Big Ten Player of the Year after averaging 15.7 points and 5.8 rebounds per game last season. Wisconsin opens its regular season Nov. 11 against Central Arkansas.

Nigel Hayes carries sign asking for money at College GameDay – ESPN

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