New renders finally show the iPhone 8 design we want – BGR

Last week, supposed iPhone 8 specs leaked and showed a design that would be an absolute travesty. We’ve heard rumblings that Apple is having trouble readying its new in-display fingerprint scanner for mass production, and one option the company is supposedly toying with is relocating the Touch ID sensor to the back of the phone. […]

Uber denies tracking users after they deleted the iPhone app – BGR

Uber is in a dark place right now, having to defend itself against a wide range of allegations as various execs continue to abandon the company. Uber is conducting an internal investigation on sexism and harassment in the workplace, while Google is suing the company for having allegedly conspired to steal critical self-driving technology. A new […]

Google’s next-gen VR camera was designed for seamless video – Engadget

The Yi Halo was built in collaboration with Yi Technology, a Xiaomi-backed GoPro competitor mostly known for its action cameras. Indeed, the Halo is comprised of 17 different Yi 4K cams — 16 along the circumference and one placed in the middle facing up, which should result in seamless stitching of upward-facing views. The camera […]

The inside story of why Tim Cook almost kicked Uber off the App Store – BGR

Uber’s willingness to openly disregard Apple’s App Store guidelines almost prompted Tim Cook to kick the popular ridesharing app off the App Store altogether, according to a new report from The New York Times. In a fascinating profile of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, a controversial figure to say the least, we learn that Kalanick in late 2014 instructed his software […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 torture test has some shattering results – CNET

The past year probably felt pretty torturous to Samsung with that whole Note 7 debacle, but that doesn’t mean the torture-masters at gadget warranty outfit SquareTrade were compelled to cut the new Samsung Galaxy S8 any slack. The company subjected the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to its battery of breakability tests and found […]

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